Bingo is all about winning and Lollipop Bingo have some cracking prizes that’ll take some licking! We host games with a huge range of ticket prices, including free games for funded players, so take a look around the site to find the games that suit you.

Fixed Jackpots

If you like to plan ahead and set a schedule, these fixed jackpots are worth noting in your diary and setting an alarm for.

Fair And Square Jackpot

Our Fair and Square jackpot play every Wednesday at 8pm. Tickets cost 1p and can be pre-bought. 

Prize fund: £100

  • £10 shared amongst all 1TG players
  • £10 shared amongst all 2TG players
  • One line = £10
  • Two lines = £20
  • Full house = £50

Friday Fortune Jackpot

As the name suggests, this game plays every Friday at 8pm. Tickets cost 10p and can be pre-bought.

Prize fund: £250

  • £25 shared amongst all 1TG players
  • One line = £50
  • Two lines = £75
  • Full house = £100

VIP Jackpot

Our VIP Jackpot game is played at 9pm on the first Saturday of each month. Tickets cost £1 and are only available to Bronze members and above in our VIP scheme.

Prize fund: £500

  • One line = £100
  • Two lines = £150
  • Full house = £250

Click here to read full details of our VIP scheme, which is open to all Lollipop Bingo players from the moment they join the site and fund their account.

Pay Day Jackpot

Our Pay Day jackpot is played at 8pm on the last day of each calendar month. Tickets cost 50p and can be pre-bought. The game boasts a community jackpot where even when you don’t win, you’re not a loser!                               

Prize fund: £2,000

  • One line = £250
  • Two lines = £400
  • Full house = £600

When bingo has been called, the players who were close to bingo will share the remaining £750 as follows:

  • £250 to share for 1TG players
  • £250 to share for 2TG players
  • £250 to share for 3TG players

Please note that as an exclusive to Lollipop Bingo we have the charitable donations to a worthy cause each month, the amount of which is determined by the number of tickets sold for the Pay Day Jackpot.

For every ticket brought for this jackpot game, we will donate 25p – that’s half of the ticket value – to our current charity.


Further details of this can be found on our special promotions page here

Progressive Jackpots

At Lollipop Bingo we have two progressive jackpots for you to win, one for each of the bingo game types that we offer.

90 Ball Progressive Jackpot

The 90 ball progressive is available to win in all of the Lollipop Bingo rooms hosting this game type. You’ll take home the current progressive jackpot if you can call a full house in any 90 ball room in 39 numbers or less.

75 Ball Progressive Jackpot

With the 75 ball bingo progressive jackpot it is only available to win on certain patterns and with new patterns being added all the time, we thought it only fair to provide a full list that play at Lollipop Bingo and whether the progressive can be won on them and if so, in how many calls.


A comprehensive list of the patterns and whether the progressive can be won can be found on this link.

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