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Bingo Games

Lollipop Bingo is home to two flavours of bingo: 90-ball and 75-ball. There is a choice of rooms in which to play both types of game – you’ll find the ticket price, prizes and atmosphere to suit you. All bingo rooms are accessed from the lobby, which you launch by clicking the “play now” button.

The 90-ball game is the one that’s traditionally been played in UK bingo halls. The Americans pioneered the 75-ball game.

Here are the variations we currently offer:


75-Ball Pattern Bingo

In 75-ball pattern bingo, players must match a target pattern with called numbers on one of their cards. The pattern for each game is shown at the top of the bingo screen on a 5 X 5 grid just the same as the cards you buy. 

We use a wide variety of patterns from letters of the alphabet, numbers and patterns that include seasonal specials like a Christmas Tree or Love Heart for Valentine’s Day. These give a great variety of gameplay, with different numbers of calls providing a win. Some patterns tie-in with promotions, and others offer you the opportunity to win the 75 ball progressive jackpot - read more on our Jackpots page.

The centre square in our 75-ball games is a free square so to win a coverall by filling every square of the grid you must match 24 numbers for example.

75 Ball Bingo Rooms


You can play 75-ball bingo in all of the rooms listed below at Lollipop Bingo.

  • Golden Balls – with tickets from 1p to £1, Golden Balls opens every day at 1pm, closing at 12am.
  • Magic Money – Magic Money hosts 10p-a-ticket 75-ball games. Magic Money opens on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday only from 7pm to 12am.

90 Ball Bingo

You can win three ways in 90-ball bingo, a perennial favourite in Britain’s traditional bingo halls. There’s a one line, two line and full house prize available on each and every game of this type. As in all bingo games, called numbers blank out the corresponding square on your bingo card.

The first player to fill a single line will win a prize. There’s a second prize for filling two lines. A full-

Full house or bingo almost always wins the biggest prize, but look out for our Monday Madness when we switch the prizes around.

A 90-ball card has 27 squares in three lines of nine squares. Five of the squares in each line contain numbers. That means it’s possible to win a full house in 15 calls.

Cards for 90-ball games at Lollipop Bingo can be bought one-by-one or in a strip of six. Lollipop guarantees that every number called in a game will be featured somewhere on each strip of six cards.

90 Ball Bingo Rooms


You can play 90-Ball bingo in these rooms, all accessed from the main lobby. Click “play now” to launch the lobby:

  • Lucky Stars – this room is open from 7am until 3.30am, seven-days-a-week. Game tickets will cost you between 1p and £1.
  • Cash Splash – tickets in Cash Splash cost from 5p to £2. The room opens on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 7pm to 12am.
  • Glitz ‘n’ Glam – open every day from 5pm to 2am with tickets from 2p to 5p.
  • Free Bingo – Open every day between 9am and 1pm. Games are free and all jackpots are £1.

Other games

You’ll also find instant win games and slots on the site. You will find a selection in the game lobby and they are also available to play in the bingo rooms – just look above the chat room window.


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